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Chuna Sacco continues to lead the way in providing innovative financial solutions while consistently demonstrating financial strength and stability. With our qualified team ready to serve you. Our members get:

Access to financial services.

Members can easily access savings, credit, insurance and other various financial services tailored to their specific needs.

Profit sharing.

Members receive dividends, interest on their savings depending on the SACCOs performance.

Financial Education.

As CHUNA SACCO we offer financial literacy programs to helps members improve their financial management skills.

Chuna Sacco membership is open to:

·         All University of Nairobi staff.

·         Business persons with a stable source of income.

·         Students.

·         Kenya’s living in the diaspora.

·         Employees working with other reputable organizations.

ID card

KRA pin.

Registration fee (500 Kenya shillings and 200 for students)

One can reach us on 0758 111 222 or email us on to be assisted on the joining process.




·         Fosa loans

·         salary in advance

·         salary advance

·         junior savings account

·         holiday savings account

·         education account

·         fixed deposit

·         call deposit


·         normal 60 months

·         normal 48 months

·         normal 36 months

·         normal 24 months

·         emergency loan 6 months

·         emergency loan 12 months

·         emergency loan 20 months

·         schools fees loan

·         karibu loan

·         normal premium

·         asset financing

·         group loan

·         normal jijenge


·         bima loan

·         motor insurance

·         medical

·         life insurance

·         personal accident cover

·         wiba

·         travel insurance

·         domestic package

·         proffessional indemnity

A member can be allowed to offset their deposits against their loan when they exit the sacco

Yes. CHUNA SACCO is open to both employed and unemployed

One must have been an active member for at least three months with consistent contributions.

Duly filled application form.

Attach copy of identification (National ID/ Valid passport)

Attach current and certified pay slip

Guarantors who are active members

For short term loans turnaround time is 1 day and can be few hours while Long term loans turnaround time takes up to 2 days

A member will need to give the Sacco 60 day’s written notice.


If a member wishes to withdraw immediately, the Sacco will charge 10 % of savings. 


Yes you can by filling in a Next of Kin Update Form. The form is available on our website. or click 

 You do a letter to the CEO detailing the matter and he/she will typically respond within seven (7) days and will grant a chance if need be for you to explain. If you are not satisfied with the response you can appeal to the; [1] Audit Subcommittee, if not satisfied escalate it to [2] the Board and if not satisfied to escalate to [3] the Supervisory Committee. 

 1. This the individual elected in a particular constituency (campus) to represent Sacco members from that particular campus or area where members are grouped together.

2. Yes. The Sacco always announces vacancies and elections for delegates, how to apply and the date for elections. The members from that particular campus chooses the Delegate through secret ballot voting.



YES as long as it’s not the same product and lending conditions are met.

CHUNA is an acronym for CHUO KIKUU CHA NAIROBI (UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI) and also depicts the act of enjoying a fruit (simply fruits of investments). It is a Savings and Credit Co-operative originally by the staff members of the University of Nairobi and is duly licensed by Sacco Regulatory Authority (SASRA)

[1] P. O. Box 30197-00100 Nairobi

[2] Tel Nos. 0758 111 222

[3] Email:

[4] WhatsApp No. 0794875028

[5] Facebook page Chuna Sacco.

[6] Website

The Sacco benefits you in the following ways;

[1] Enables you to save for the future,

[2] Grants you affordable credit facilities at the Sacco thus enabling you to; - Meet your short term financial obligations e.g. School fees, rent, emergency medical bills, etc. - Meet your life development objectives e.g. purchase a home, start a business, etc

[3] Helps you make prudent financial decisions through variance channels. 

An sms notification with your CHUNA Membership No. will be sent to you within 1 hours for hardcopy applications and 5 minutes for online applications via

Share Capital is institutional capital of the Sacco. Each and every member is mandated to purchase minimum of Kes 41,500.00 It is what makes you an owner of the Sacco (as a Shareholder)

  1. The Sacco gives members a flexible purchase period by setting a minimum of 500 monthly payments until one archives the minimum Share Capital of Kes 41,500. 
  2. .As per the law, Share Capital is non-refundable and is only transferable to an existing member of the Sacco by selling or free of charge to a Sacco member when ceasing to be a member. The law only allows Share Capital to be refunded in case the Sacco is liquating/winding up

Through Bank standing order, direct debits,

M-Pesa Paybill No. 561999,

cash deposits at Sacco offices,

payment at the Sacco Bank account (Co-op Bank A/c No. 01120062565202)

our USSD and Internet banking as well as android applications,

and Employer Check off. 

YES CHUNA SACCO is fully automated

  1. Loan Applications can be done online
  2. Member queries can be handled via helpdesk
  3. Membership applications can be done online
  4. Mobile banking loans can be accessed instantly

Yes, all you need is seek advice from our credit officers by presenting latest Certified Loan Statement/s from the Financial Institution and your latest payslip. 

In law, loan default constitutes

[1] Underpayment or total non-payment amount agreed as per loan contract (principal/interest) or

[2] Failure to pay on agreed date. Defaulters are listed with CRBs and Debts Collectors assign their cases as their guarantors are recovered the defaulted amount.

CHUMBEFU is an Acronym for CHUNA MEMBERS BENOLENCE FUND. And it helps members as follows in defraying funeral expenses; [1] When a member passes own the Sacco pays Kes 100,000.00

[2] When a spouse of a member passes on the Sacco pays Kes 70,000.00

[3] When a child (below 21 years) of a member passes own the Sacco pays Kes 50,000.00

Is it refundable

No. It is a welfare fund where one only benefits in case of death. 

The beneficiary Must present the following documents to the office;

[1] Certified copy of Death Certificate/Burial Permit.

[2] Copy of National IDs of the deceased and the beneficiary.

[3] Letter from the Chief of the local area the deceased hailed from, identifying the deceased and the beneficiary.

[4] Letter by the beneficiary claiming the deceased dues.

[5] Letter from the employer of the deceased, if he/she was employed