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 Utilizing the Helpdesk System for Efficient Query Handling


We hope this message finds you well. As part of our commitment to enhancing service delivery and ensuring seamless communication between our members and the organization, we are pleased to inform you about the implementation of our new Helpdesk System at Chuna SACCO.

The Helpdesk System has been meticulously designed to streamline query-handling processes, ensuring that your concerns and inquiries are addressed promptly and efficiently. To make the most out of this system and to expedite the resolution of any issues you may encounter, we urge all members to utilize the Helpdesk System for all queries, requests, and support needs.

Here are some key benefits of using the Helpdesk System:

  1. Centralized Communication: The Helpdesk serves as a centralized platform for all member inquiries, providing a single point of contact for all support needs.

  2. Efficient Query Management: Queries submitted through the Helpdesk are systematically organized and assigned to the appropriate personnel for resolution, ensuring that no concern goes unnoticed or unresolved.

  3. Track Progress: Members can track the progress of their queries in real-time, ensuring transparency and accountability in the resolution process.

  4. Faster Response Times: With the Helpdesk System, our team can prioritize and respond to queries promptly, reducing response times and enhancing member satisfaction.

  5. Documentation and History: The system maintains a comprehensive record of all member interactions, providing a valuable reference for future inquiries and ensuring continuity of service.

To submit a query through the Helpdesk System, simply login to your member portal on our website and navigate to the "Support" or "Helpdesk" section. From there, you can submit a new ticket detailing your query, concern, or request. Our dedicated support team will then promptly attend to your submission and provide assistance as needed.

We kindly request all members to familiarize themselves with the Helpdesk System and to utilize it for all future inquiries and support needs. By doing so, we can ensure that your concerns are addressed efficiently and that we continue to uphold the highest standards of service excellence.

If you have any questions or require assistance in using the Helpdesk System, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at 0758 111 222 or 


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