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Who We Are


UoN- Chuna DT Sacco Ltd


CHUNA SACCO Ltd was established in the year 1976. The principal objective/function of the sacco is:

  • To afford its members an opportunity to save money.
  • To offer credit facilities to members. A pool of savings created from where various types of loans are issued to members.

A variety of services are offered through the Back Office Service Activities (BOSA) and Front Office Service Activities (FOSA) i.e. both BOSA and FOSA form up CHUNA SACCO. SACCOs are now regulated or supervised by the Sacco Society Regulatory Authority (SASRA).

The authority has put minimum standards for sacco’s like CHUNA to meet. One of the standards which sacco’s must endeavor to meet is the capital adequacy ratio. For Chuna Sacco, it is expected to meet the capital adequacy ratios by end of 2014.

Towards achieving the ratio, members are expected to raise shares in one of the following ways: Contribute (by paying cash at CHUNA office) any amount of money that one can afford. The payout can be done immediately one gets salary. Somebody can come to CHUNA and pledge a monthly deduction from salary of say Kshs 500/= (Kenya Shillings Five Hundred only) or more to go towards share capital.

To mobilize savings and provide affordable financial services aimed at promoting socio-economic welfare of members through prudent management and diversification of products and services while recognizing the interest of stakeholders.

To be the Leading Sacco, providing quality and dynamic financial services to its members.

CHUNA SACCO takes part in CSR Activities. This is to promote unity and give back to the community. Some recent CSR engagements are; 1. Children’s home visit 2. Slum clean up-2022



Chuna Sacco shall closely collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure effective and efficient delivery of its products and services to members and customers.


Chuna Sacco shall carry out its duties in an accountable manner by acknowledging and assuming responsibility for its products and services.

Creativity & Innovation

The Sacco shall continuously and consistently develop new ideas, solutions, processes, products and services for the benefit of its members and customers.


All Chuna Sacco members are given equal opportunities in access to Sacco products and services


All Chuna Sacco Stakeholders are advised to observe utmost confidentiality regarding Sacco matters


Chuna Sacco Staff and Management possess and adhere to high moral principles, ethics and professional standards. The Society shall always conduct its affairs in a manner that is above reproach. We are committed to acting at all times with honesty, fairness, transparency, ethics and being above board in our operations.


Chuna Sacco will utilize resources optimally. The Society shall endeavour to conduct its operations in a manner that is efficient in providing diversified, reliable, accessible and affordable financial products and services.


Chuna Success Story

As a competitive sacco in the region, we have won several awards. Some include; Best Sacco employer-based 2019, Second Best Sacco in Technology usage 2022, and Best improved sacco - 2022